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Juni 2004



Ethnographic study of indigenous opposition to processes of economic globalization, arguing that neoliberal economic reforms both provoked a crisis of governance and created the conditions for a disruptive indigenous movement in Ecuador.


Suzana Sawyer is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Davis.


"Crude Chronicles is a splendid example of fine-grained ethnography. It illustrates in many ways why this approach continues to be the hallmark of anthropology. The best feature of the book is the lovingly detailed descriptions and close-to-the-ground analysis of dialogue and events. It will be mandatory reading for Latin Americanists interested in social movements, especially the indigenous and environmentalist movements, and of course, students of Ecuadorian politics."--Jean E. Jackson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology "Crude Chronicles seamlessly weaves the compelling richness of an exceptional ethnographic account with the power of a story well told. By chronicling the history of the ongoing contest that has characterized the politics of petroleum in the Ecuadorian Amazon, Sawyer brilliantly illustrates the imbricated process by which indigenous and neoliberal geophraphies are configured and reconfigured in the process of making nature, nation, and citizens. Crude Chronicles will surely become a key reference point in future debates about the cultural politics of nature."--Peter Brosius, University of Georgia "Crude Chronicles offers a first-hand account of the complex and contested politics of land and oil in Ecuador during the 1990s... it is an engaged analysis of the micropolitics of neoliberalisation"--Jrnl Latin American Studies, May 2006 " ... Crude Chronicles represents the kind of book I wish more scholars would aspire to write. Sawyer is courageous, impassioned, and fiercely political in this book and attacks the contradictions of contemporary capitalism head on, without apologies. She does so in engaging, straightforward, and convincing prose that, although it helped me understand a complex political situation, also meant I did not have to work very hard to do so. Sawyer does not simply seek to describe the politics that are played out as a result of the stranglehold of neoliberal capitalism on indigenous environments; instead she "sets in motion the natural forces which belong to her own body, her arms, legs, head and hands" in order to change the world."--Environment and Planning A, 2007 issue 39/1 "Suzana Sawyer's Crude Chronicles examines the complex terrain of contention and negotiation among indigenous communities, transnational petroleum corporations and the state in Ecuador's Amazon region... Based on rich ethnographic research and hundreds of hours of meetings with OPIP leaders, state officials, adn ARCO executives, the book's greatest strength and much of its originality lie in the analysis of the discursive and performance strategies employed by the three central sets of actors."--BLAR, VOl 26, No. 2, April 2007 "... a finely observed ethnographic account of indigenous organizing in the 1990s... As Sawyer's excellent ethnography illustrates by the turn of the millennium indigenas were anything but invisible."--JRAI, Sept 2007
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