Studies in Ancient Greek and Roman Society

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Originally published in Past and Present, this collection of papers includes some of the most innovative history written about Greece and Rome over twenty years. It offers a convenient guide to current issues and topics in Greek and Roman history. The volume's contributors are among the most influential ancient historians active over the last twenty-five years. An introduction by the editor prefaces papers ranging from Greek warfare to early Christian martyr stories.


Introduction Robin Osborne; 1. Early Greek warfare as symbolic expression W. R. Connor; 2. Law, the democratic citizen and the representation of women in classical Athens Robin Osborne; 3. Law, society and homosexuality in classical Athens David Cohen; 4. Translating Greek homosexuality: reticence and the truth of sex James Davidson; 5. The Mediterranean and the Roman revolution: politics, war and the economy Fergus Millar; 6. Democratic politics in Republican Rome John North; 7. The golden age and sin in Augustan ideology Andrew Wallace-Hadrill; 8. Literate games: Roman urban society and the game of alea Nicholas Purcell; 9. Novel evidence for Roman slavery Keith Hopkins; 10. The future of dreams: from Freud to Artemidorus S. R. F. Price; 11. Pausanias: a Greek pilgrim in the Roman world Jas Elsner; 12. The passion of Perpetua Brent D. Shaw; 13. Bandits in the Roman empire Brent D. Shaw.


Robin Osborne is Professor of Ancient History, University of Cambridge.

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