Mestizaje Upside-Down: Aesthetic Politics in Modern Bolivia

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Mai 2004



Mestizaje -- process of cultural, ethnic, and racial mixing of Spanish and indigenous peoples -- has been central to the creation of modern national identity in Bolivia and much of Latin America. Sanjinis traces the rise of mestizaje as a defining feature of Bolivian modernism through the political struggles and upheavals of the twentieth century. He then turns this concept upside-down by revealing how the dominant discussion of mestizaje has been resisted and transformed by indigenous thinkers and activists. Rather than focusing solely on political events, Sanjinis grounds his argument in an examination of fiction, political essays, journalism, and visual art, offering a unique and masterful overview of Bolivian culture, identity, and politics.


Javier Sanjines C., associate professor of Latin American literature and cultural studies at the University of Michigan, is the author of numerous Spanish-language books on Bolivian culture, and is visiting professor of cultural studies at Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar, in Quito, Ecuador.


"Analyzes the presentation of mestizaje in the sociohistorical, political, and aesthetic traditions of twentieth-century Bollvia.... Especially innovative because it addresses the distinctive work of essayists, painters, journalists, and political figures.... A major contribution." - Marcia Stephenson, Purdue University"
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