A History of Cambridge University Press: Volume 1, Printing and the Book Trade in Cambridge, 1534 1698

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September 1992



This is the first of three volumes concerning the history of the oldest press in the world, a history that extends from the sixteenth century to the present day


1. Perspectives; 2. The charter of 1534; 3. University stationers, 1534-1583; 4. Prejudice and the printing privilege; 5. Thomas Thomas, 'the puritan printer'; 6. John Legate, printer by profession; 7. Cantrell Legge and the University's common cause; 8. A new beginning: Thomas Buck and Roger Daniel; 9. An uneasy partnership; 10. Privileged books; 11. Books for university teaching; 12. Authors and printers; 13. By due authority: licence and the title to print; 14. Running the printing house; 15. Type, paper and other necessities; 16. Civil war and the interregnum; 17. John Field and the opportunities of office; 18. John Hayes and the limits of independence; 19. Looking at a wider world; 20. Conclusion; Appendixes; Index.


"...McKitterick's treatment is learned, lively, and authoritative." "McKitterick's tale is a rich and fascinating one, but it will take a particular and patient historical appetite to move comfortably through this feast of materials about the Tudor/Stewart book trade...He is fascinating on the commercial detail of publishing and the need for constant adaption to changing circumstances and markets. The central chapters on privileges and licensing, authors and printers, and the physical necessities of paper, type, and personnel constitute in themselves a major contribution to the relatively new genre of 'book history.' The volume is meticulously edited and produced..." David H. Stam, Albion "McKitterick's work is an extraordinarily rich and involving book which cuts across all sorts of historiographical categories. His sources range from university archives to auction catalogues, from literary criticism to economic history. He provides a model of institutional history as part of the wider history of culture and its production." Anita Guerrini, The Public Historian "...likely to provide the definitive history of the press for generations to come...a major reference source, and also a starting point for all future studies of Cambridge printing." David Stoker, Publishing Research Quarterly
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