Psychology of Learning for Instruction

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August 2004



The Third Edition of this popular text continues its in-depth, practical coverage with a focus on learning and instruction that presents the latest psychological and educational models and research to the students of today's learning society.
"Psychology of Learning for Instruction, Third Edition, " focuses on the applications and implications of the learning theories. Using excellent examples ranging from primary school instruction to corporate training, this text combines the latest thinking and research to give students the opportunity to explore the individual theories as viewed by the experts. Students are encouraged to apply "reflective practice," which is designed to foster a critical and reflective mode of thinking when considering any particular approach to learning and instruction.


I. INTRODUCTION. 1. Introduction to Theories of Learning and Instruction. II. LEARNING AND BEHAVIOR. 2. Radical Behaviorism. III. LEARNING AND COGNITION. 3. Cognitive Information Processing. 4. Meaningful Learning and Schema Theory. 5. Situated Learning. IV. LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT. 6. Cognitive and Knowledge Development. 7. Interactional Theories of Cognitive Development. V. LEARNING AND BIOLOGY. 8. Biological Bases of Learning and Memory. VI. LEARNING AND MOTIVATION. 9. Motivation and Self-Regulation in Learning. VII. LEARNING AND INSTRUCTION. 10. Gagne's Theory of Instruction. 11. Constructivism. VIII. EPILOGUE. 12. Toward a Personal Theory of Learning and Instruction.
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