Race, Ethnicity, and the American Urban Mainstream

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"Race and Ethnicity in the American Nation Mainstream" uses history, biography, and sociological analysis to examine the achievements and struggles of racial and ethnic groups in American cities. Doob focuses on race and ethnicity in U.S. cities, where most immigrant groups have historically settled, and where most inter-group relations have taken place. The book is organized around social systems (politics, housing, economics and work, education) rather than groups or concepts such as prejudice and discrimination.


Each chapter ends with a conclusion. 1. Introduction: The Study of American Race and Ethnicity. The History and Biography Framework. The American Racist Tradition. The Sociological Perspective. Oakland's Laurel District and Its Mixed Blessings. 2. Systemic Equality?: Divergent Sociological Thought in Analyzing Urban Racial and Ethnic Groups. Out of Chicago: Structural-Functional Analysis of Race and Ethnicity in the Urban Context. Conflict Theory's View of Race and Ethnicity in the Urban American Context. The Racialist Social System in Modern American Society. Contrasting Perceptions of Men and Jobs. 3. An Ambivalent Balance: Welcomed Workers Versus Stigmatized Settlers. Colonial Period: Up to 1790. Preindustrial/Commercial Period: 1790-1860. The Famine Irishs Reception in American Cities. Early Industrial Period: 1860-1925. The Advanced Industrial Period: 1925-1970. Postindustrial Period: 1970 to the Present. Chicago's Black Ghettos at the Onset of the Postindustrial Period. 4. Starting From Home: Residential Location. Five Urbanized Housing Patterns. Japanese Americans Forced Relocation. Five Urbanized Housing Patterns (Continued). Locating a Home: Perils of the Process. Santa Paula: A Sense of Social Apartness. 5. Employment Legacies: The Urban Job World. Ethnic Succession and the Context of Job Access. The Koreatown That Never Was. Down the Racialized Pipeline. Women of Color as Family Heads in the Welfare to Work Program. When Pranks Become Harassment: The Case of African American Fire Fighters. 6. Exclusion or Inclusion? Access to the Hall of Urban Power. Urban Political Realities Across Time. Power to the People? Detroit During the Dennis Archer Watch. Power to the People? (Continued) 7. Race, Ethnicity, and Socialization to Community Life. Growing Up in American Communities. The First Four Years. Contemporary Struggles. 8. Race, Ethnicity, and Socialization to American Urban Families and Education. Era up to 1925. Era from 1925 to the Present. Ghosts in the Classroom. New Beginnings: A Successful Experiment. Ghosts in the Classroom (Continued). 9. The Canadian Multicultural Mosaic: How Different From the U.S.? The Development of Canadian Pluralism. Race And Ethnicity in Canadian Daily Life. The Canadian Labor Movement and Employment Equity. Canada: Concluding Commentary. 10. Urban Racial and Ethnic Relations: The Road Ahead? History and Biography Revisited. Some Potentially Productive Initiatives. Final Commentary.
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