Icy Worlds of the Solar System

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August 2004



Scientists have only recently come to believe that the presence of ice is widespread in our solar system. Focusing on the occurrence and significance of water ice, and ices formed by other materials, this volume considers the implications of the reservoirs of water ice for the presence of life elsewhere in our solar system, and for habitability by human explorers who may venture to these distant worlds in the future. Pat Dasch is a consultant in the space industry specializing in policy and public outreach issues. She has written, published, and broadcast on a wide variety of space-related issues for the past twenty years. From 1997-2001 she served as Executive Director of the Washington, DC-based National Space Society.


Introduction J. I. Lunine; 1. The history and significance of ice on Earth R. Bindschadler; 2. Ice on Mercury and the Moon B. Butler; 3. How the Earth got its atmosphere T. Owen; 4. The frozen landscape of Mars M. T. Mellon; 5. The ice moons of Sol P. M. Schenk; 6. Triton, Pluto, and beyond J. A. Stansberry; 7. Comets: ices from the beginning of time D. P. Cruikshank.


Pat Dasch is a consultant in the space industry, specialising in policy and public outreach.


'Icy Worlds of the Solar System is an excellent little book ... the coverage is remarkably wide ... a book that will richly reward readers for the time they devote to it.' The Journal of the British Astronomical Association 'This book would be a good introduction for undergraduate students, as well as appealing to those with a layman's interest.' Spaceflight '... there is much of value in this volume. ... To the majority of us ice is most familiar in a gin and tonic, as a surface for skating or an irritant on the winter morning commute, but this useful book provides a unifying theme that should be of interest to all geologists and astrobiologists.' Geological Magazine ' ... will richly reward readers for the time they devote to it.' Journal of the British Astronomical Association
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