The Nationalization of Politics: The Formation of National Electorates and Party Systems in Western Europe

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Daniele Caramani describes the transformation of politics from an environment where voting behavior differs greatly between regions to one where it is homogeneous within nations. Looking at long-term evolution, spanning the mid-nineteenth century to the present, Caramani utilizes data on specific constituencies rather than on a national level. He demonstrates that a nation-wide homogeneous dimension emerged from national and industrial revolutions and replaced preindustrial territorial dimensions. His analysis is constructed along the lines of party families and reveals why countries currently exhibit different levels of homogeneity.


Introduction: homogeneity and diversity in Europe; Part I. Framework: 1. The structuring of political space; 2. Data, indices, method; Part II. Evidence: 3. Time and space: evidence from the historical comparison; 4. Types of territorial configurations: national variations; 5. The comparative study of cleavages and party families; Part III. Towards an Explanation: 6. The dynamic perspective: national and industrial revolutions; 7. The comparative perspective: social fragmentation and territoriality; Conclusion: from territorial to functional politics.


"...an exhaustive study of the processes by which electorates in Western European countries became increasingly nationalized in the late-19th and early-20th centuries." -P.V. Warwick, Simon Fraser University, CHOICE "Caramani is deeply versed in the multidisciplinary literature relevant to this model, and his interpretation of the data makes a nuanced and welcome contribution to the party systems literature." -Alice H. Cooper, University of Mississippi, Perspectives of Politics "For its rare blend of empirical support and theory-driven analysis, [this book] stands as one of the major contributions in the field of historical political sociology." -Piero Ignazi, University of Bologna, The International History Review "The analysis and the arguement [Nationalization of Politics] supports make landmark contributions to our understanding of nationalization over time, across nations, and among party families...It sets the standard for future work." -Jason Beckfield, University of Chicago, American Journal of Sociology
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