Electrical Machine Analysis Using Finite Elements

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From simple to complex analyses, this book leads readers step-by-step through the procedures and illustrates their implementation through examples of both traditional and innovative machines. Although the examples are of specific devices, they demonstrate how the procedures apply to any type of electrical machine, introducing a preliminary theory followed by various considerations for the unique circumstance. The author presents the mathematical background underlying the analysis, but emphasizes application of the techniques, common strategies, and obtained results. He also supplies codes for simple algorithms and reveals analytical methodologies that generalize to any software program.


OUTLINE OF ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS Vector Analysis Electromagnetic Fields Fundamental Equations Summary References BASIC PRINCIPLES OF FINITE ELEMENT METHODS Introduction Field Problems with Boundary Conditions Classical Method for the Field Problem Solution The Classical Residual Method (Galerkin's Method) The Classical Variational Method (Rayleigh-Ritz's Method) The Finite Element Method References APPLICATIONS OF THE FINITE ELEMENT METHOD TO TWO-DIMENSIONAL FIELDS Introduction Linear Interpolation of the Function f Application of the Variational Method Simple Descriptions of Electromagnetic Fields Appendix: Integration in Triangular Elements THE ANALYSIS PROCEDURE USING THE FINITE ELEMENT METHOD Introduction Reduction of the Field Problem to a Two-Dimensional Problem Boundary Conditions Computation of the Solved Structure CYLINDRICAL MAGNETIC DEVICES Introduction Analytical Study of the Magnetic Device Finite Element Analysis Example References THE SINGLE-PHASE TRANSFORMER The Single-Phase Transformer Equivalent Electric Circuit of the Transformer Computation of the No-Load Inductances Determination of the Leakage Inductances Algorithm for the Construction of the Magnetizing Characteristic of the Transformer References SINGLE-PHASE VARIABLE REACTANCE The Single-Phase Variable Reactance Computation of the Reactance Example References SYNCHRONOUS GENERATORS Introduction Computation of the No-Load Characteristic Computation of the Direct-Axis Inductance Computation of the Quadrature Axis Inductance Self- and Mutual Inductances Saturation Effect Computation of Ld and Lq with Any Current Computation of the Machine Characteristics Example Appendix: The Transformation abc-dq References SURFACE-MOUNTED PERMANENT MAGNET MOTORS Introduction Computation of the No-Load Characteristic Computation of the Inductances Computation of the Torque Example References Further References on AC Drives INTERIOR PERMANENT MAGNET AND RELUCTANCE SYNCHRONOUS MOTORS Introduction Characteristic Motor Parameters Torque-Speed Characteristic Algorithm for an Automatic Computation Synchronous Reluctance Motors References SELF-STARTING SINGLE-PHASE SYNCHRONOUS MOTORS Introduction Definition of the Motor Model Computation of the Electrical Parameters Computation of the Torque Analysis of the Dynamic Performance Example Two-Dimensional Linear Interpolation Numerical Codes for the Motor Analysis References SWITCHED RELUCTANCE MOTORS Introduction Operating Principle Field Problem Statement Computation on the Solved Structure Example References THREE-PHASE INDUCTION MOTORS Introduction Simulations of the Indirect Tests Motor Analysis Using Simulations Under Load References APPENDIX INDEX
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