Client Violence in Social Work Practice: Prevention, Intervention, and Research

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Januar 2004



Presenting practical strategies for violence assessment and prevention that are grounded in solid empirical research, this book helps practitioners and agencies provide state-of-the-art treatment to aggressive clients while reducing violence risks. Effective methods are described together with specific recommendations for approaching, engaging, and intervening with violent clients in both office and field settings. Skills development exercises and guidelines for developing and implementing an agency safety plan enhance the book's utility as a training tool and professional resource.


Introduction: Why Violence Is an Issue for Social Work Practice. Part 1: Violence and Social Work Practice. Violence in Our Society and in Our Workplace. Overview of the Incidence and Prevalence of Client Violence toward Social Workers. Part 2: Issues Related to the Risk Assessment of Violent Clients. Understanding Client-Initiated Property Damage and Threats. Understanding Client-Initiated Physical Attacks. Risk Factors Associated with Violent Behavior. Part 3: The Instructional Package. The Risk Assessment of Violent Clients. Approaching and Engaging the Violent Client. Intervention Modalities for Treating the Violent Client. Strategies to Prevent Client Violence in Office and Field Settings. General Strategies for the Prevention of Violence. When Client Violence Occurs: The Multidimensional Impact on Social Workers. Future Directions for Practice and Policy. Appendix 1: Client Violence toward Social Workers Survey Questionnaire. Appendix 2: A Model Syllabus for a Course on Understanding and Managing Violence and Safety in Social Work Practice.


Christina E. Newhill, PhD, LCSW, is Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh, where she teaches in the direct practice mental health specialization. With over 10 years of community mental health practice experience, Dr. Newhill is Principal Investigator on several research studies focusing on violent behavior and risk assessment. She has conducted training workshops on violence in the workplace at the local, state, and national levels for many years.


"This comprehensive volume covers a multitude of information and strategies for social worker safety...The most comprehensive resource that VCPN staff found in our literature review of resources available in the field. Workers and administrators will find a wealth of information and practical suggestions. The reading is enhanced by case examples, case analysis questions, skill development exercises, and tables summarizing key points." - Virginia Child Protection Newsletter, Vol. 94, Spring 2012
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