Sacred Space in Early Modern Europe

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This book explores the many dimensions of sacred space - churches and chapels, pilgrimage sites, holy wells - during and after the religious upheavals of the early modern period. Leading historians examine the subject through a variety of contexts across Europe from Scotland to Moldavia, but also across the religious divisions between the Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran and Calvinist Churches. Based on original research, these essays provide new insights into the definition and understanding of sanctity in the post-Reformation era and make an important contribution to the study of sacred space.


1. Introduction: the dimension of sacred space in Reformation Europe Will Coster and Andrew Spicer; 2. Sacred church and worldly tavern: reassessing early modern divide Bert Kumin; 3. Sacred image and sacred space in Lutheran Germany Bridget Heal; 4. Places of sanctification: the liturgical sacrality of Genevan reformed churches, 1535-66 Christian Grosse; 5. 'What kinde of house a kirk is': conventicles, consecrations and the concept of sacred space in post-Reformation Scotland Andrew Spicer; 6. Psalms, groans and dog-whippers: the soundscape of sacred space in the English parish church, 1547-1642 John Craig; 7. A microcosm of community: burial, space and society in Chester 1598-1633 Will Coster; 8. 'Apud Ecclesia': church burial and the development of funerary rooms in Moldavia Maria Craciun; 9. Reading Rome as a sacred landscape, c. 1575-1635 Simon Ditchfield; 10. Gardening for God: Carmelite deserts and the sacralisation of natural space in counter-Reformation Spain Trevor Johnson; 11. Holywell: contesting sacred space in post-Reformation Wales Alexandra Walsham; 12. The sacred space of Julien Maunoir: the re-Christianising of the landscape in seventeenth-century Brittany Elizabeth Tingle; 13. Sacralising space: reclaiming civic culture in early modern France Amanda Eurich; 14. Breaking images and building bridges: the making of sacred space in early modern Bohemia Howard Louthan; 15. Mapping the boundaries of confession: space and urban religious life in the Diocese of Augsburg, 1648-1750 Duane Corpis.


Will Coster is Lecturer and Head of History at De Montfort University. His previous publications include Baptism and Kinship in England 1450-1800 (2004). Andrew Spicer is Lecturer in Early Modern European History at Oxford Brookes University. He is the co-editor of Society and Culture in the Huguenot World, 1559-1685 (2002).


Review of the hardback: 'This excellent collection, with not a single weak contribution, demonstrated the centrality of material culture and sacred geography to understanding the Reformation and Counter-Reformation.' The Journal of Ecclesiastical History
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