Eric Voegelin's Dialogue with the Postmoderns: Searching for Foundations

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Dezember 2004



These essays endeavor to generate a dialogue between Eric Voegelin and other 20th-century thinkers and explore issues in contemporary political theory. Each essay rests on the underlying question: is it possible or desirable to construct or discover political foundations without resorting to metaphysical or essentialist constructs?


Introduction by Peter A. Petrakis and Cecil L. Eubanks; Voegelin and Levinas on the "Foundations" of Ethics and Politics (Transceridence and Immanence Revisited) by William P. Simmons; Immanence/Transcendence: Deleuze and Voegelin on the Conditions for Political Order by Jeffrey A. Bell; Voegelin and Ricoeur: Recovering Science and Subjectivity through Representation by Peter A. Petrakis; Sight, Sound, and Participatory Symbolization: Eric Voegelin's Political Theory as an Attempt to Recapture the Speech-Dimension of Human Experience by Murray Jardine; Politics, Metaphysics, and Anti-Foundationalism in the Works of Eric Voegelin and Jan Patocka by Edward F. Findlay.


Peter A. Petrakis is Associate Professor of History and Political Science at Southeastern Louisiana State University in Hammond. Cecil L. Eubanks is Alumni Professor of Political Science at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. He is the author of Marx and Engels: An Analytical Bibliography.
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