Palgrave Advances in the Crusades

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April 2005



The Crusades were a startling and spectacular phenomenon that exerted a powerful influence on European development over a period of many centuries. Much recent writing has been devoted to explaining how the crusades began and what they achieved. This volume is intended as an introductory guide and analysis of how different aspects of crusading studies have developed. Rather than giving an account of events, each chapter offers an interpretative and historiographical study. It is aimed both at postgraduates and at professional academics.


List of Figures Preface Chronology of the Crusades, 1095-1798 Chronology of Main Secondary Texts Notes on Contributors Introduction: Definition and Scope; H.Nicholson PART
I: ASPECTS OF THE PRACTICE OF CRUSADING Ideology and Motivation in the First Crusade; J.Flori Crusading and Canon Law; J.Muldoon Crusading Warfare; J.France PART
II: APPROACHES TO THE EVIDENCE The Material Culture of the Crusades; M.Georgopoulou Prosopography; A.V.Murray Gender Theory; D.Gerish Frontiers; N.Berend Crusades and Colonization in the Baltic; S.Ekdahl National Feeling and the Legacy of the Crusades; J.Richard PART
III: IMAGES OF THE PROTAGONISTS The Crusaders' Perceptions of their Opponents; M.Jubb Byzantine and Modern Greek Perceptions of the Crusades; E.Sakellariou Muslim Reactions to the Crusades; H.Nicholson Further Reader Index


NORA BEREND Lecturer, University of Cambridge, UK
SVEN EKDAHL Research Professor of Medieval History, Polish-Scandinavian Research Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark
JEAN FLORI Former Director of Researcher, CNRS, Institut Universitaire de la Recherche scientifique de Rabat, Morocco
JOHN FRANCE Professor in History, University of Wales, Swansea, UK
MARIA GEORGOPOULOU Director, Gennadeios Library, American School of Classical Studies, Athens, Greece
DEBORAH GERISH Assistant Professor in History, Emporia State University,
Kansas, USA
MARGARET JUBB Senior Lecturer in French, University of Aberdeen, UK
JAMES MULDOON Emeritus Professor of History, Rutgers University, USA
ALAN V. MURRAY Lecturer in Medieval Studies, University of Leeds, UK
JEAN RICHARD Emeritus Professor, University of Dijon, France
ELENI SAKELLARIOU Lecturer in European Medieval History, Department of History and Archaeology, University of Ioannina, Greece


'An original and thought-provoking series of essays by top-flight scholars. The collection sets out many essential themes of crusading history in a refreshing and accessible fashion'. - Jonathan P. Phillips, Royal Holloway, University of London
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