Creating Criminals: Prisons and People in a Market Society

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August 2005



Vivien Stern explains the forces dictating the shape and direction of crime patterns and criminal justice responses globally, arguing that many policies being pursued today, including the so-called war on drugs and economic policies that increase inequality, are actually creating crimes. She argues convincingly that the way forward is not harsher prisons or letting commercial corporations make money out of privatized prisons. Instead, a new criminal justice agenda should involve minimal use of the criminal justice system, with policing accountable to local communities, imprisonment as a last resort, morally educative penalties that benefit victims rather than just punishing the perpetrators, and a renewed emphasis on social justice and economic development that benefits all people.


Introduction 1. Behind the Bars: The Injustice of the Prison 2. Crime and its Definition: How Just is Criminal Justice? 3. Crime: A Good Business? The Impact of the Free Market 4. The 'War on Drugs' and Migration 5. 'In the Name of Justice': Is There a Better Way? 6. Criminal Justice and Social Justice Selected Further Reading Useful Websites Index


Dr Vivien Stern was for many years director of the National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders (NACRO). She is an honorary fellow at the London School of Economics (LSE) and a senior research fellow at the International Centre for Prison Studies, King's College, London. Her books include A Sin against the Future: Imprisonment in the World (Penguin Books, 1998).
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