Historical Dictionary of the Republic of Korea: 2nd Edition

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This dictionary presents a balanced and objective view of South Korea, providing a long perspective and covering varied aspects of South Korean life. Domestic, political, and social events, foreign affairs, economic and cultural developments, and the men and women who have influenced the country's history are reviewed in the more than 400 entries, many of which are new or have been updated from the first edition. The dictionary's chronology and historical narrative, also updated, cover the entire history of Korea for the benefit of readers who have little or no knowledge of the overall history of the Korean people. The extensive bibliography has been updated to include the most current and best books, journals, and websites, making this a valuable reference source for the scholar, student, and general reader.


Chapter 1 Editor's Foreword Chapter 2 Preface Chapter 3 The Korean Writing System and Romanization 4 Abbreviations and Acronyms 5 Chronology 6 Maps of Korea 7 Introduction 8 The Dictionary 9 Bibliography 10 Appendix A: Government Structure of the Republic of Korea 11 Appendix B: Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and Prime Ministers 12 Appendix C: Presidential Elections 13 Appendix D: National Assembly Elections 14 Appendix E: Text of the December 1991 Agreement on Reconciliation, Nonaggression and Exchanges and Cooperation between the South and the North 15 Appendix F: North-South Joint Declaration of 15 June 2000 16 About the Authors


ANDREW C. NAHM, who wrote the first edition, was one of the leading authorities on Korea, founding and directing the Center for Korean Studies at Western Michigan University. He has written or edited numerous works including Introduction to Korean History and Culture, Korean History, and Korea: Tradition and Transformation - A History of the Korean People. JAMES E. HOARE, who produced the second edition, was a member of the British Diplomatic Service from 1969 to 2003. Among his many postings, he served at the British Embassy in Seoul as well as those in Pyongyang and Beijing. Since retirement, he has been teaching at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, and writing on Japan and the Koreas, this including books such as Korea an Introduction and Conflict in Korea. He is also the co-author of the Historical Dictionary of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.


Praise for first edition: ...pioneering dictionary...necessary and useful resource for the study of modern Korea. A welcome addition to academic and public libraries... CHOICE Andrew Nahm's Dictionary of the Republic of Korea (1993) is a useful component of any reference library on Korea. In this substantially revised edition with new material supplied by J.E. Hoare, the page count has increased substantially...By marrying Nahm's historically and politically focused original to Hoare's wide-ranging foreign policy and cultural interests, the new edition is a more comprehensive reference tool that will be of value to students in different disciplines. Asian Affairs This book will interest both public and academic libraries interested in a current reference work on the politics and history of a country that continues to change at a rapid pace. American Reference Books Annual The 400 entries in this dictionary describe the people, political and social events, foreign affairs, and economic and cultural developments that have shaped South Korea since its creation in 1948. The introductory historical narrative and chronology cover the whole history of Korea for the benefit of non-specialists. Includes a large, classified bibliography. The second edition updates events of the last ten years. Reference and Research Book News Praise for first edition: ...pioneering dictionary...necessary and useful resource for the study of modern Korea. A welcome addition to academic and public libraries. CHOICE He has produced a valuable book that probably goes as far as any author could do in answering the questions that the general reader may ask about one of the world's least understood countries. Reference Reviews
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