The Black American in Books for Children: Readings in Racism

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März 1993



In the second edition of this highly-praised anthology, the authors have focused on those books with white supremacist content that have received special commendation and that can therefore be expected to have a major influence on children's educational environment. Among the contributors are Haki Madhubuti, Rudine Sims, Julius Lester, Eloise Greenfield, Walter Dean Myers, and Beryle Banfield.


Donnarae MacCann has been a children's librarian and a professor of children's literature. She coauthored The Child's First Books: A Critical Study of Pictures and Texts (H.W. Wilson, 1973) and is a doctoral candidate in American Studies at the University of Iowa. Gloria Woodard has been an elementary school teacher and is a librarian in Prince George's County, MD. Woodard and MacCann coauthored Cultural Conformity in Books for Children (Scarecrow 1977).


A particularly valuable collection of essays for librarians and all other individuals who work with children...Should be available as a professional resource... Library and Information Science Annual This new edition of a work that has become the tool in the selection of books about Black Americans in children's collections promises to be even more useful than the original edition...Should be purchased for use with all children's collections. Public Library Quarterly Excellent enrichment reading for any media specialist or teacher... Library Lane An eye-opening, disturbing, and provocative experience. Black American Literature Forum
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