Historical Dictionary of Ancient and Medieval Nubia

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TheHistorical Dictionary of Ancient and Medieval Nubiacovers the period of Nubian history from the Paleolithic to the end of Medieval Christianity. It includes the rapidly expanding field of Nubian archaeology that centers ancient African history along the Nile but beyond the better-known field of Egyptology.


Part 1 Editor's Forewrod Part 2 Acknowledgments Part 3 Preface Part 4 Spelling and Alphabetical Conventions and Abbreviations Part 5 Maps Part 6 Chronology Part 7 Introduction Part 8 Illustrations Part 9 THE DICTIONARY Part 10 Appendix Chapter 11 I. Main Language Groups Associated with Ancient Nubia Chapter 12 II. New Kingdom Viceroys of Nubia Chapter 13 III. Proposed Reconstruction of Kinship in the 25th Dynasty Chapter 14 IV. 25th Dynasty Dynamics Chapter 15 V. Near Eastern Dynasties in the Ninth to Seventh Centuries BCE Chapter 16 VI. The Salvage of Ancient Nubian Temples in Egypt Chapter 17 VII. The Salvage of Ancient Nubian Temples in Sudan Chapter 18 VIII. Implications of the High Dam at Aswan Chapter 19 IX. Table of Meroitic Hieroglyphs and Cursive Part 20 Bibliography Chapter 21 Introduction Chapter 22 I. General or Survey References Chapter 23 II. Bibliographies Chapter 24 III. Prehistoric and Early Neolithic Times Chapter 25 IV. A-Group, C-Group, and Relations with Dynastic Egypt Chapter 26 V. Kerma (Yam) Chapter 27 VI. 25th Dynasty and Early Napatan Times Chapter 28 VII. Late Napatan and Meroitic Times Chapter 29 VIII. Greco-Roman Times Chapter 30 IX. Post-Meroitic Times Chapter 31 X. Christian and Medieval Nubia Chapter 32 XI. Early Travelers Chapter 33 XII. Arabic Sources Chapter 34 XIII. M.A. Theses, Ph.D. Dissertations, and Related Publications Chapter 35 XIV. Children's and Specialty Books and Films Chapter 36 XV. Modern Nubian Salvage and Relocation (Low Dam and High Dam) Chapter 37 XVI. Museums and Archives Chapter 38 XVII. Geology of Nubia and Sudan Chapter 39 XVIII. Language Chapter 40 XIX. Modern Nubian Region Ethnography Part 41 About the Author


Richard Andrew Lobban, Jr. is Professor of Anthropology and African Studies at Rhode Island College where he served as Director, Program of African and Afro-American Studies. He was a founder and first president of the Sudan Studies Association in 1981. He has also published extensively on Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, and Tunisia.


...one of the dictionary's strengths is the author's insight, present throughout. Entries exhibit a fair amount of interpretation, many with qualifiers such as 'was presumed to be semi-sedentary' or 'may or may not have been the true lineal descendant of', which gives a broader indication of the state of Nubian studies. By such phrasing the reader is made aware of debated issues and in many cases on which side the author stands...Ancient and Medieval Nubia will serve both students and scholars, particularly those who are not Nubian specialists. Journal Of African History Richard Lobban provides an impressively wide-ranging and comprehensive overview of Nubian history and archaeology that spans the Paleolithic through the medieval Christian era, including the beginnings of Islam. He also incorporates a large number of relevant Egyptian topics, very appropriate given the long history of interaction between the two regions...Historical Dictionary of Ancient and Medieval Nubia is a very useful starting point for inquiries about pre-Islamic Nubia. Lobban's work is impressively comprehensive in reach; most of the entries are fine and many are excellent...Lobban provides Africanists and other scholars interested in Nubia with a very useful resource... International Journal Of African Historical Studies Overall this volume belongs in all research, university, and college libraries as well as in central county and city library systems. Its material will help readers see the complexities of ancient history and understand how these ancient civilizations relate to recent history. American Reference Books Annual Recommended. General and academic collections. CHOICE ...not only a useful dictionary on this fascinating civilization, but also an excellent introduction to its history, life, and impact upon other civilizations of its day...for those institutions supporting the study of ancient Egypt or African history, it will be a welcome addition to an area lacking in good reference sources. Reference and User Services Quarterly At least forty-five centuries of civilization are dealt with in more than five hundred terms compiled on the basis of recent and updated acknowledgements and conceived as essential monographs. It is therefore an extremely ample survey, and yet fully mastered by such a highly appreciated researcher such as Lobban. Having put aside the now obsolete propensities for Egypt, he neatly outlines how the regions extending beyond the first cataract of the Nile yielded such kind of contributions that provide to be fundamental for the development of the different Mediterranean civilizations. -- Eugenio Fantusati, Department of Historical and Religious Studies, University of Rome "La Sapienza." The significance of this work is exceptional... -- Mahgoub El-Tigani Sudan-L
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