Organ Transplants: A Survival Guide for the Entire Family

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April 2005



Talks to teens and offers practical advice and suggestions for coping with and surviving the situation of when a family member has an organ transplant, or when they are personally facing an organ transplant. It covers how to deal with events that happen before, during, and after the surgery.


Part 1 Acknowledgments Part 2 Introduction Chapter 3 1 Getting the News Chapter 4 2 General Info to Know Chapter 5 3 Heart Transplant Chapter 6 4 Liver Transplant Chapter 7 5 Kidney/Pancreas Transplants and Islets, too! Chapter 8 6 Lung Transplants Chapter 9 7 Waiting, Waiting, and More Waiting Chapter 10 8 From False Alarms through Transplant and Beyond Chapter 11 9 Minorities and International Patients Having Transplants Chapter 12 10 Donors and Donor Families Chapter 13 11 Transplant Myths, Media Coverage, and Controversies Chapter 14 12 Any Regrets? Chapter 15 13 How You Can Make a Difference Part 16 Notes Part 17 Glossary Part 18 Contact Information Part 19 Suggested Reading Part 20 Index Part 21 About the Author


Tina P. Schwartz is a full-time freelance writer of children's books and the child of a parent who went through an organ transplant.


Honest and compassionate... this book will give young adults hope and courage and let them know that they are not alone. School Library Journal, 10/1/2005 Personal stories illustrate what it feels like to be put on the transplant list, the waiting in fear that a match will not be available until too late, the frustration of false alarms, the concern about the actual surgery, and the support needed after the transplant. General information on transplants, the waiting list, and how organs are assigned to patients are explained and then individual chapters detail the process for different types of transplants-heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, and lung. Sidebars, quotes from patients and family members, and a questions-and-answer format, supported by the personal stories give a clear picture on what to expect. Web sites, organizations, and a suggested reading list offer the reader places to go for further information. This book in the It Happened to Me series would be valuable for reports as well as for family members of organ transplant patients. VOYA The books strike a balance between breezy presentation and hard information, including references to popular movies and television shows as well as lists of Internet sites for further research. The Record Intended for the children of patients, this resource answers questions about the organ transplant process and the emotions family members may experience. The author, whose father received a liver transplant, overviews the challenges of waiting for a donor organ, some of the related controversies created by low supply and high demand, and how to become a future donor. Scitech Book News This book is a one-of-a-kind book that addresses the issue of what it is like to be an organ transplant recipient or to be close to someone who is...Highly Recommended. -- Marilyn Sprague, Flower Mound HS The book addresses the issue of what it's like to be an organ transplant recipient or to be close to someone who is. It is filled with real-life stories of teens whose parents, siblings or other family members have been transplant recipients and of teens who have had heart, liver, kidney, pancreas and lung transplants themselves...The book is the ideal resource for those who are interested in organ donation and transplant, those who are facing a transplant and their family members, and medical professionals who work with transplant recipients, donors and their families... Grayslake Times The resources in the book are a treasure. I think it is an extremely difficult and challenging job to put together a piece of work that so eloquently ties in the scientific/physical, emotional, and personal aspects (essentially everything)-but this author has done it-and she has done it beautifully...For anyone even remotely interested in organ transplants and especially to everyone involved in the organ transplant area (family member, friend, recipient, patient, doctor, nurse, and the list goes on...), this book is a cushion to support you and a shoulder for you to lean on during any and all stages of organ transplantation. -- Mary H. Wu, National Kidney Foundation The Transaction Council
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