Historical Dictionary of Indonesia

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In over 800 clear and succinct entries, the dictionary covers people, places, and organizations, as well as economics, culture, and political thought from Indonesia's ancient history up until the recent past. Includes a comprehensive bibliography, maps, chronology, list of abbreviations, and appendix of election results and major office-holders. This second edition has been thoroughly updated and expanded to cover the events that have occurred in Indonesia's history in the past fifteen years.


Chapter 1 Editor's Foreword Chapter 2 Preface Chapter 3 Acknowledgments Chapter 4 Reader's Note Chapter 5 Acronyms and Abbreviations Chapter 6 Maps Chapter 7 Chronology Chapter 8 Introduction Chapter 9 THE DICTIONARY Chapter 10 Appendix A. Governors-General of the Netherlands Indies Chapter 11 Appendix B. Netherlands Ministers of the Colonies Chapter 12 Appendix C. Rulers of the Early States Chapter 13 Appendix D. Cabinets of the Republic of New Zealand Chapter 14 Appendix E. Republic of Indonesia Officeholders Chapter 15 Appendix F. Parliamentary Strengths and Electoral Performance of the Parties, 1945-1999 Chapter 16 Bibliography Chapter 17 About the Authors


Robert Cribb is Senior Fellow at the Australian National University in Canberra and has previously worked in Australia, The Netherlands and Denmark. His research interests focus on Indonesia and include political violence, national identity, and historical geography. He is the author of several books on Indonesia. Audrey Kahin was managing editor of Southeast Asia publications at Cornell and co-editor then editor of the journal Indonesia from 1978 to 1995. She has also written extensively on Indonesia and Southeast Asia and visits the region frequently. Her current research deals with the problem of national integration in Indonesia.


A sophisticated reference tool that will aid the user, of whatever background, to find immediate information about Indonesian history. Journal of Asian Studies Complementing the alphabetically arranged dictionary entries are an eighteen-page list of abbreviations and acronyms, a twenty-four page chronology... twelve maps prepared especially for this volume, and an extensive, subject-classified bibliography of major writings on Indonesia. Third World Resources Presents its wealth of in-depth researched information in easy-to-look-up alphabetical entries...An all-around excellent easy to use general reference. Bookwatch Entries are concise but thorough and well written, and the book benefits from a number of extra features...The 1,432-item bibliography, complete with its own table of contents, is an invaluable contribution to Indonesian studies. This is an essential reference work for all programs on Southeast Asia and the increasing number of Indonesian scholars. American Reference Books Annual Put together this package constitutes a very comprehensive reference text on Indonesian history, probably the most up to date and thorough account available in the English language. As such it belongs in all types of libraries, not just those with a specialist interest in the archipelago or South East Asia...Libraries with the first edition will want this update. Non-specialist libraries that overlooked the 1992 edition should also give purchase serious consideration. Reference Reviews The Historical Dictionary of Indonesia, penned by two of the field's most important interpreters of Indonesian culture and society, is a welcome addition to reference works on this huge country...the book is a veritable treasure-trove for studying Indonesian history, politics, and society as a whole. Indonesia
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