Music in Imperial Rio de Janeiro: European Culture in a Tropical Milieu

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Januar 2005



This book focuses on the relationship of European music to the social and cultural experiences of the residents of nineteenth-century Rio de Janeiro. It shows European Music as a powerful force in the internal processes of political, cultural, social, and ethnic negotiations during the government of Emperor Pedro II and will make an excellent addition to the library of amateur and professional Latin American Historians, musicologists, and enthusiasts.


Cristina Magaldi is Associate Professor of Music at Towson University and holds degrees in music from the University of Brasilia, the University of Reading, England, and the University of California, Los Angeles.


The process of reconstructing a distant past, be it diachronically or synchronically, is like panning for gold dust in a pile of sand: the task is painstaking, but the result can be highly rewarding. Such is the case with the research for this volume...Highly recommended. Lower-division undergraduates and above. CHOICE ...an excellent guide... Luso-Brazilian Review, (Translation) Magaldi...is primarily concerned with how residents in 19th-century Rio de Janeiro received, perceived, selected, used, and imitated different musical styles imported from Europe, especially from Paris. She focuses on the musical preferences of the local elite - those who held political and financial power, were involved directly or indirectly with making decisions, and were the local cultural managers. Reference and Research Book News
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