Introductory Muon Science

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This volume describes applications of muons in science and engineering. Research using muons relies on their basic properties and their microscopic interactions with surrounding particles. Examples of muon research include muon catalysis for nuclear fusion; the application of muon spin probes to study microscopic magnetic properties of materials; electron labeling to help in the understanding of electron transfer in proteins; and non-destructive element analysis of the human body. Cosmic ray muons can also be used to study the inner structure of volcanoes.


Preface; List of abbreviations; 1. What are muons? What is muon science?; 2. Muon sources; 3. Muons inside condensed matter; 4. The muonic atom and its formation in matter; 5. Muon catalyzed fusion; 6. Muon spin rotation/relaxation/resonance: basic principles; 7. Muon spin rotation/relaxation/resonance: probing microscopic magnetic properties; 8. Muon spin rotation/relaxation/resonance: probing induced microscopic systems in condensed matter; 9. Cosmic-ray muon probes for internal structure of geological-scale materials; 10. Future trends in muon science; Further reading; Index.


Head of the Meson Science Laboratory, KEK, and Chief Scientist of the Muon Science Laboratory, RIKEN.

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