The Cambridge Companion to Adorno

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The great German philosopher and aesthetic theorist Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno (1903-1969) was one of the main philosophers of the first generation of the Frankfurt School of critical theory. As an accomplished musician, Adorno originally focused on the theory of culture and art. He later turned to the problem of the self-defeating dialectic of modern reason and freedom. A distinguished roster of Adorno specialists explores the full range of his contributions to philosophy, history, music theory, aesthetics and sociology in this collection of essays.


Introduction: thoughts beside themselves Tom Huhn; 1. Negative dialectic as fate: Adorno and Hegel J. M. Bernstein; 2. Weighty objects: on Adorno's Kant-Freud interpretation Joel Whitebook; 3. Adorno, Marx, materialism Simon Jarvis; 4. Leaving home: on Adorno and Heidegger Samir Gandesha; 5. Is experience still in crisis? Reflections on a Frankfurt school lament Martin Jay; 6. Mephistopheles in Hollywood: Adorno, Mann and Schoenberg James Schmidt; 7. Right listening and a new type of human being Robert Hullot-Kentor; 8. Authenticity and failure in Adorno's aesthetics of music Max Paddison; 9. Dissonant works and the listening public Lydia Goehr; 10. Adorno, Heidegger and the meaning of music Andrew Bowie; 11. The critical theory of society as reflexive sociology Stefan Muller-Doohm; 12. Genealogy and critique: two forms of ethical questioning of morality Christoph Menke; 13. Adorno's negative moral philosophy Gerhard Schweppenhauser; 14. Adorno's social lyric, and literary criticism today: poetics, aesthetics, modernity Robert Kaufman; 15. Adorno's Tom Sawyer opera Singspiel Rolf Tiedemann.


Thomas Huhn is Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Letters at Wesleyan University.


"A wonderful guide to the work of the German philosopher Theodor Adorno...a fine work of scholarship and will be helpful to both students and researchers. Highly recommended." S. Barnett, Central Connecticut State University, CHOICE
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