Feminist Views on the English Stage: Women Playwrights, 1990-2000

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A study of women playwrights from a feminist perspective.


Acknowledgements; 1. A feminist view on the 1990s; 2. Telling feminist tales: Caryl Churchill; 3. Saying no to daddy: child sexual abuse, the 'Big Hysteria'; 4. Girl power, the new feminism?; 5. The 'bad girl of our stage?': Sarah Kane; 6. Performing identities; 7. Feminist connections to a multicultural 'scene'; 8. Feminism past, and future?: Timberlake Wertenbaker; 9. Tales for the twenty-first century: final reflections; Bibliography; Index.


Elaine Aston is Professor of Contemporary Performance, Lancaster University, and is co-editor of the Cambridge Companion to Modern British Women Playwrights (0521 594227).


Review of the hardback: '... played a valuable part in revaluing what 'Britain' might mean today.' Plays International Review of the hardback: 'The 1990s was not women's decade in the theatre after all, but the fact that not much has changed in the first four years of the new decade makes Aston's book urgent, relevant reading.' The Times Literary Supplement Review of the hardback: 'The book is to be commended for its range of plays ... a very readable study. Its chronological structure is easy to follow ... The book is given a popular appeal that goes beyond people studying or researching theatre as the readings are pertinently linked to popular culture and events reported in the media. ...anyone who lived through the era would find this book interesting and accessible ... This exciting book blends the old with the new and the familiar faces of feminism with the newly emerging forces. It offers a clear analysis of the development of feminist theatre in the 1990s and gives insights into how we can continue to build on it in the twenty-first century. A must read for anyone interested in contemporary English drama.' Contemporary Theatre Review
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