Emperor and Priest

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The figure of the Byzantine emperor, a ruler who sometimes was also designated a priest, has long fascinated the western imagination. Written by one of the world's leading Byzantine scholars, this classic book studies in detail the imperial union of "two powers," temporal and spiritual, against the broad background of the relationship between church and state and religious and political spheres.


List of plates; List of plans; Acknowledgements; Bibliographical abbreviations; Introduction; Part I. The Principles: 1. Heredity, legitimacy and succession; 2. Proclamations and coronations; 3. Ceremonial and memory; Part II. The Emperors: 4. Constantine the Great: imperial sainthood; 5. Leo III and the iconoclast emperors: Melchizedek or antiChrist?; 6. Basil the Macedonian, Leo VI and Constantine VII: ceremonial and religion; Part III. The Clergy: 7. The kingship of the patriarchs (eighth to eleventh centuries); 8. The canonists and liturgists (twelfth to fifteenth centuries); 9. 'Caesaropapism' and the theory of the 'two powers'; Epilogue: the house of Judah and the house of Levi; Glossary; Index.


Gilbert Dagron is Professor Emeritus of Byzantine History and Civilisation at the College de France and Honorary President of the International Committee on Byzantine Studies.


'... This is a very significant book for Byzantine specialists ... Indeed, no one interested in the varieties of earthly sovereignty should be unaware of it.' John W. Barker, Speculum
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