Insect Herbivore-Host Dynamics: Tree-Dwelling Aphids

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Introduces students and research workers to insect herbivore host dynamics using the interaction between aphids and trees as a model.


1. Introduction; 2. Tree dwelling aphids; 3. Trees as a habitat for aphids: relation to host plant; 4. Trees as a habitat for aphids: relation to natural enemies; 5. Carrying capacity of trees; 6. Aphid abundance; 7. Population dynamics; 8. Risky dispersal; 9. Seasonal sex allocation; 10. Aphids and tree fitness; 11. Rarity, conservation and global warming; Epilogue.


A. F. G.Dixon is an Emeritus Professor in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of East Anglia. He has written over 200 papers on aphids and their natural enemies in scientific journals, and has written or edited 10 books. In 1992, he was awarded the Gregor Mendel Gold Medal by the Czech Academy of Science, in 2000 a medal of honour by Akademia Podlaska, Poland, and in 2001 became Laureate of the University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic.


Review of the hardback: '... short, uncluttered and digestible ...' TRENDS in Ecology & Evolution Review of the hardback: 'I am always pleased and excited when a book by Tony Dixon arrives on my desk. This latest offering is no exception. It is well up to his usual standard and a worthy companion to his two recent books on related subjects ... fluid writing, lucid arguments and well chosen examples ... an excellent book that covers most of ecological theory based on examples not only just from tree aphids, but mainly from the interaction of one species of aphid, the sycamore aphid Drepanosiphum platanoidis and its natural enemies and host plant the sycamore Acer pseudoplatanus. This is a major tour de force ... a must-buy item for any ecologist ... destined to be a classic.' Journal of Insect Conservation Review of the hardback: '... well written and clearly structured ... it will be of value to many aphid researchers and herbivore ecologists.' Entomologia Generalis Review of the hardback: '... it gives the reader not only the insight to the partial problem of the selected aphid species and their hosts but it serves also as a model for studying other ecological tasks.' Thaiszia: Journal of Botany
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