Art and Patronage in the Medieval Mediterranean

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Dezember 2004



An important trade center in the medieval Mediterranean, Amalfi and its surrounding regions sustained impressive art production and patronage from the eleventh through thirteenth centuries. With the rise of the Angevin kingdom, however, a demise of Amalfi's eclectic art tradition took place and, by the fourteenth century, its painting and sculpture reflected compromises between local and Neapolitan styles, demonstrating the erosion of its autonomy.


Introduction: the art of mercatantia: medieval commerce and culture in southwest Italy; 1. The experience and politics of mercatantia; 2. Amalfitans at home: residential architecture and its Mediterranean syntheses; 3. Private and public in Amalfitan religious space; 4. Amalfi and the new metropolis: the decline of the art of mercatantia.


Jill Caskey is associate professor of fine art at the University of Toronto. A recipient of fellowships and grants form the Getty Grant Program, the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, and the Fulbright Commission, she is also a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome. She received the Founders' Award from the Society of Architectural History in 2000.


"Drawing on a rich array of material and textual evidence ... this book is a brilliant contribution ... which foces us to reevaluate our attitudes toward the art and culture of southwestern Italy. This is a must-read for anyone interested in patronage studies and cultural history--a fine and scholarly work with extensive notes and bibliography." Sixteenth Century Journal "This book successfully builds on individual monuments to construct a broader picture of the culture of Amalfitan mercatantia, an early model of multiculturalism with numerous poignant resonances for the present day." Letters in Canada 2004,/i> John Osborne "Caskey has written a brave work on a difficult subject" CAA Reviews Caroline Bruzelius "Her book rewards a careful reading, encouraging reflection on complex historical conditions and individual monouments of art." - Enrico Parlato, Universita della Tuscia
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