Introduction to Biodeterioration

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This book provides an introduction to biodeterioration - the attack on man-made materials by living organisms. The authors outline the principles involved, as well as the ways in which such damage can be controlled and prevented. A wide range of organisms are covered (including bacteria, fungi, algae, lichens, insects and other invertebrates, birds, mammals and plants) and the types of biodeterioration discussed include: * natural materials such as foodstuffs, wood, metal, stone, cellulose and leather * synthetic products such as paint, adhesives and plastics * structures and systems such as buildings, monuments, transport systems and vehicles. In this updated and expanded second edition, new molecular and genetic techniques are included, and regulatory, environmental and safety issues are emphasised. This book is suitable not only for biologists, but also for those in industry, commerce and local government who are concerned with the preservation and conservation of a wide range of materials of economic or cultural importance.

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