Geographies of England: The North-South Divide, Material and Imagined

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Juni 2004



This 2004 book examines the history of the concept of a North-South divide in England during the last millennium.


1. Material and imagined geographies of England Alan R. H. Baker and Mark Billinge; 2. The contemporary debate over the North-South divide: images and realities of regional inequality in late-twentieth-century Britain Ronald L. Martin; 3. Distressed times and areas: poverty, polarisation and politics in England, 1918-71 Danny Dorling; 4. Industry and identity: the North-South divide and the geography of belonging, 1830-1918 Philip Howell; 5. Divided by a common language: North and South, 1750-1830 Mark Billinge; 6. South, North and nation: regional differences and consciousness in an integrating realm, 1550-1750 John Langton; 7. North-South dichotomies in England, 1066-1550 Bruce M. S. Campbell; 8. Cultural constructions of England's geography and history Alan R. H. Baker and Mark Billinge; Index.


Alan R. H. Baker is a Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, General Editor of Cambridge Studies in Historical Geography, and the author of numerous books and articles on historical geography, most recently Geography and History: Bridging the Divide (Cambridge, 1993). Mark Billinge is University Lecturer in Geography and a Fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge. Dr Billinge was the co-editor (with Alan Baker) of the very first book in Cambridge Studies in Historical Geography, Period and Place (Cambridge, 1982).


Review of the hardback: 'All these essays were read with interest and pleasure and the editors can be congragulated on putting the volume together and ensuring that the production valujes are high ... I would recomend Geographies of England to anyone with an interest in England's historical geography.' Local Population Studies Review of the hardback: 'This is an important study, well organized and clear; it provides an effective means of understanding 'the cultural composition of England today' and should be read by all historians of the North (and the South!).' Northern History Review of the hardback: ' ... stimulating ... each chapter offers a fascinating account of English economy and culture, regionalism and identity.' The Agricultural History Review
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