Preventing Intellectual Disability: Ethical and Clinical Issues

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Dezember 2003



Written by a pediatrician as well as a philosopher, this book comprehensively covers the difficult ethical issues involved in the prevention of intellectual disability (ID). Four real cases cover the definition of ID, epidemiology, screening, and genetic counselling. Reproductive autonomy and public health models are scrutinized, and the practical issues of prevention are examined closely with respect to three syndromes.


'A moral minefield is carefully mapped and made accessible ...'. Journal of Psychological Medicine '... represents a happy marriage between ethical and clinical issues. A close reading of this important and challenging book has been an important experience for the reviewer. Offering sound food for thought, it demands a good act of mastication to be properly digested. I recommend it to all who are engaged in 'a joint search for a morally excusable decision' in matters of genetic counselling.' European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
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