The Politics of Liberty in England and Revolutionary America

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Examines the philosophical origins of the Anglo-American political and constitutional tradition in seventeenth-century England.


Introduction: re-examining the roots of Anglo-American political thought; Part I. The Divine Right Challenge to Natural Liberty: 1. The attack on the Catholic natural law; 2. Calvinism and parliamentary resistance theory; 3. The problem of Grotius and Hobbes; Part II. The Whig Politics of Liberty in England: 4. James Tyrrell: the voice of moderate Whiggism; 5. The Pufendorfian movement: moderate Whig sovereignty theory; 6. Algernon Sidney and the old Republicanisms; 7. A new Republican England; 8. Natural rights in Locke's two treatises; 9. Lockean liberal constitutionalism; 10. The glorious revolution and the catonic response; Part III. The Whig Legacy in America: 12. British constitutionalism and the challenge of empire; 13. Thomas Jefferson and the radical theory of empire; 14. Tom Paine and popular sovereignty; 15. Revolutionary constitutionalism: laboratories of radical Whiggism; Conclusions; Notes; Bibliography.


Dr Lee Ward is Alpha Sigma Nu Distinguished Associate Professor of Political Studies at Campion College at the University of Regina. In addition to authoring The Politics of Liberty in England and Revolutionary America, he co-edited The Ashgate Research Companion to Federalism (2009) with Ann Ward. He has also written articles on John Locke, Aristotle, Plato, Montesquieu, and Algernon Sidney that have appeared in the American Political Science Review, the Canadian Journal of Political Science, Publius: A Journal of Federalism, the Journal of Moral Philosophy, the American Journal of Political Science, the International Philosophical Quarterly, and Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy.


"This impressive volume breaks down the English Whig tradition into three major strands that have profoundly influenced the Anglo-American political tradition. Highly recommended." E.R. Gill, Bradley University, CHOICE "This book has many virtues. It is arguably the fullest account of the genesis of Whig political theory...a major contribution to the intellectual histoyr of the American Revolution...deserves a wide audience." - William and Mary Quarterly, Craig Yirush, UCLA "This is a well-written and welcome work..." American Historical Review Jerome Huyler, Seton Hall University "...Mr. Ward's simple but profound contribution to the debate shows that the liberal and republican interpretations present a false dichotomy...Mr. Ward does an excellent job of recreating the intellectual milieu of the Exclusion Crisis by revivifying the major alternative political philosophies, many of which are virtually unknown today, that formed the horizon of the early modern debate over sovereignty..." --Matthew Simpson, The Scriblerian
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