Electoral Engineering: Voting Rules and Political Behavior

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April 2009



This book compares the consequences of electoral rules and cultural modernization for many dimensions of political representations and voting behavior. It includes patterns of party competition, the strength of social cleavages and party loyalties, levels of turnout, the gender and ethnic diversity of parliaments, and the provisions of constituency service. The study covers elections held from 1996 to 2002 in newer as well as established democracies that range from the U.S., Australia, and Switzerland to Peru, Taiwan and Ukraine.


Part I. Introduction: 1. Do rules matter?; 2. Classifying electoral systems; 3. Evaluating electoral systems; Part II. The Consequences for Voting Behavior: 4. Party systems; 5. Social cleavages; 6. Party loyalties; 7. Turnout; Part III. The Consequences for Political Representation: 8. Women; 9. Ethnic minorities; 10. Constituency service; Part IV. Conclusions: 11. The impact of electoral engineering.


'This is a welcome contribution to the debate on how electoral systems shape political strategies. It should be read by all students of electoral systems, not only because it is well researched and well written, but also because it brings attention to the lesser known systems of preferential voting...'. Journal of Commonwealth and Comparative Politics '... this is a book rich in its insights and detailed research findings'. The British Journal of Politics and International Relations
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