Jung and the Making of Modern Psychology: The Dream of a Science

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First comprehensive study of the origin's of Jung's psychology and the rise of modern psychology.


Abbreviations and note on translation; Prologue: 'The Most Cursed Dilettante'; 1. The individual and the universal; 2. Night and day; 3. Body and soul; 4. The ancient in the modern.


Sonu Shamdasani is a historian of psychology and a Research Associate of the Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at University College London. He is editorial advisor to the heirs of C. G. Jung and his most recent book Cult Fictions: C. G.Jung and the Founding of Analytical Psychology has won numerous prizes.


'The author's meticulous research illustrates something that has increasingly been suspected by Jung scholars, that the psychologist made extensive use of other people's work to illuminate his conceptions of archetypes, collective unconscious, introversion, extraversion, dream analysis and complexes, often referring to his approach as complex psychology.' Economist 'Shamdasani has gone far in making the history of Jungian psychology truly professional. His is a superb achievement.' Times Higher Education Supplement 'To write a book like this and combine originality, historical accuracy, an understanding of improvisation in historical actors - all without partisanship - is truly special.' Medical History
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