Matthew's Trilogy of Parables: The Nation, the Nations and the Reader in Matthew 21:28-22.14

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The parables of the Two Sons, the Tenants and the Wedding Feast in Matthew's Gospel.


Acknowledgements; Part I. Prolegomena: 1. Introduction: of authors, readers and approaches to the parables; 2. Matthew's trilogy of parables: 21.28-22.14; Part II. The Trilogy in Narrative-Critical Perspective: 3. Jesus' encounter with Israel: the nation, its leaders and their people; 4. Jesus and the nations: characterisation, plot and the reception of Matthew 21.28-22.14; 5. A narrative-critical reading of the trilogy; Part III. The Trilogy in Redaction-Critical Perspective; 6. The trilogy in redaction-critical perspective; 7. Conclusions; Appendix. The text of the parable of The Two Sons; Notes; Bibliography; Index of passages; Index of selected topics and modern authors.


Wesley G. Olmstead is Associate Professor of New Testament and Academic Dean at Briercrest Bible College in Saskatchewan.


'... an admirable and carefully crafted book ...' Journal of the New Testament Society of South Africa 'Olmstead's reading of these texts contained in Matthew's Gospel is compelling.' Expository Times 'Matthean scholars and students will appreciate the careful attention Olmstead has paid to the place of the leaders of the nation of Israel, the nation as a whole, and the Gentiles in Matthew's Gospel. The reading he offers of the three parables certainly keeps the entire Gospel in perspective.' Journal for the Study of the New Testament 'An important study for both Matthean scholars and for the study of parables in the Synoptics generally.' Religious Studies Review
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