Brute Rationality: Normativity and Human Action

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Presents an account of normative practical reasons and the way in which they contribute to the rationality of action.


Preface and acknowledgements; 1. What would an adequate theory of rationality be like?; 2. Practical rationality, morality and purely justificatory reasons; 3. The criticism from internalism about practical reasons; 4. A functional role analysis of reasons; 5. Accounting for our actual normative judgements; 6. Fitting the view into the contemporary debate; 7. Two concepts of rationality; 8. Internalism and different kinds of reasons; 9. Brute rationality; References; Index.


Joshua Gert is Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy, Florida State University. He has published in a number of philosophical journals including American Philosophical Quarterly, Ethics and No-s.


"It is a great contribution to contemporary philosophical debate and is likely to make an impact." Philosophy in Review "Brute Rationality is a very fine book. It is crisply written, laced with wit, and carefully argued... I recommend Brute Rationality to anyone who is interested in issues of practical rationality and how they bear upon moral theory." Ethics "Brute Rationality is a remarkable book. It is elegant and engaging, and it aims to deliver s traightfoward solutions to problems not addressed by other theories of practical rationality. The theory of normative reasons developed in Brute Rationality is both detailed and novel." - Sergio Tenenbaum, University of Toronto
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