Sectoral Systems of Innovation: Concepts, Issues and Analyses of Six Major Sectors in Europe

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August 2004



Innovation and technological change follow markedly different pathways depending on the sector in which they take place. Contributions from eighteen experts in their fields consider the framework of sectoral systems of innovation to analyze the innovation process, factors affecting innovation, the relationship between innovation and industry dynamics, changing boundaries and transformation of sectors, and the determinants of the innovation performance of firms and countries in different sectors.


Introduction; Part I. Sectoral Sytems: Concepts and Issues: 1. Sectoral systems of innovation: basic concepts Franco Malerba; 2. Sectoral dynamics and structural change: stylised facts and 'system of innovation' approaches Fabio Montobbio; Part II. Six Sectoral Systems: 3. Pharmaceuticals analysed through the lens of a sectoral innovation system Maureen McKelvey, Luigi Orsenigo and Fabio Pammolli; 4. The chemical sectoral system: firms, markets, institutions and the process of knowledge creation and diffusion Fabrizio Cesaroni, Alfonso Gambardella, Walter Garcia-Fontes and Myriam Mariani; 5. The fixed internet and mobile telecommunications sectoral system of innovation; equipment production, access provision and content provision Charles Edquist; 6. The European software sectoral system of innovation W. Edward Steinmueller; 7. Machine tools: the remaking of a traditional sectoral innovation system Jurgen Wengel and Philip Shapira; 8. Services and systems of innovation Bruce S. Tether and J. Stan Metcalfe; Part III. Sectoral Systems and National Systems: International Performance and Public Policy: 9. National institutional frameworks, institutional complementarities and sectoral systems of innovation Benjamin Corait, Olivier Weinstein; 10. Sectoral systems of innovation and varieties of capitalism: explaining the development of high-technology entrepreneurship in Europe Steven Casper and David Soskice; 11. The international performance of European sectoral systems Benjamin Coriat, Franco Malerba and Fabio Montobbio; 12. Sectoral systems: implications for European technology policy Charles Edquist, Franco Malerba, Stan Metcalfe, Fabio Montobbio and Ed Steinmueller; Part IV. Conclusions: 13. Summing up and conclusions Franco Malerba.


Franco Malerba is Professor of Industrial Economics and Director of CESPRI at the Universit... Bocconi- MILAN. He is currently President of the International Schumpeter Society (2002-2004) and President of the European Association of Research in Industrial Economics EARIE (2003-2005). He is also the author of numerous articles and books in the fields of industrial economics and the economics of innovation and technological change.

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