Moonshine Beyond the Monster: The Bridge Connecting Algebra, Modular Forms and Physics

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Oktober 2006



A monograph on Moonshine, a mathematical physics topic, for graduate students and researchers.


Acknowledgements; Introduction: glimpses of the theory beneath Monstrous moonshine; 1. Classical algebra; 2. Modular stuff; 3. Gold and brass: affine algebras and generalisations; 4. Conformal field theory: The physics of Moonshine; 5. Vertex operator algebras; 6. Modular group representations throughout the realm; 7. Monstrous Moonshine; Epilogue; Notation; References; Index.


Terry Gannon is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Alberta, Edmonton. He is currently also Research Fellow of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, EPSRC.


Review of the hardback: 'Gannon wants to explain to us 'what is really going on'. His book is like a conversation at the blackboard, with ideas being explained in informal terms, proofs being sketched, and unknowns being explored. Given the complexity and breadth of this material, this is exactly the right approach. ... The result is informal, inviting, and fascinating.' MAA Reviews Review of the hardback: 'I personally feel that one-volume introductions to subjects of major mathematical interest and importance are invaluable, as collecting information from a variety of scattered sources and arranging it in an accessible way is a great service to those new to the field. This book does this very successfully and is a helpful contribution to the literature.' Mathematics Today
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