The People of God in the Apocalypse: Discourse, Structure and Exegesis

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September 2014



This book examines how the original audience of the Apocalypse would have heard themselves portrayed in the visions of Revelation 4-22, and in what directions it would have motivated them. The challenge is following Christ's example of faithful witness, even to the point of death, and resisting rival claimants to the allegiance of the faithful. Stephen Pattemore uses Relevance Theory, a development in the linguistic field of pragmatics, to help understand Revelation against the background of allusion to other, biblical and non-biblical texts.


1. A question of relevance; 2. Relevance theory in biblical interpretation; 3. A cognitive environment for the Apocalypse; 4. Souls under the altar - a martyr ecclesiology; 5. Companions of the Lamb - a messianic ecclesiology; 6. The new Jerusalem, bride of the Lamb; 7. Summary and conclusions.


Dr Pattemore is a translation consultant with United Bible Societies, working with translation projects in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.


"...an important contribution to the study of Revelation 4-22..." - Ashland Theological Journal, Russell Morton
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