The Cambridge Companion to James Joyce

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This second edition will provoke thought and discussion in and out of the classroom.


Preface; Contributors; Chronology of Joyce's life; 1. Reading Joyce Derek Attridge; 2. Joyce the Irishman Seamus Deane; 3. Joyce the Parisian Jean-Michel Rabate; 4. Joyce the Modernist Christopher Butler; 5. Dubliners Garry Leonard; 6. Stephen Hero and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: transforming the nightmare of history John Paul Riquelme; 7. Ulysses Jennifer Levine; 8. Finnegans Wake Margot Norris; 9. Joyce's shorter works Vicki Mahaffey; 10. Joyce and feminism Jeri Johnson; 11. Joyce and sexuality Joseph Valente; 12. Joyce and consumer culture Jennifer Wicke; 13. Joyce, colonialism and nationalism Marjorie Howes; Further reading; Index.


'These essays offer introductions to numerous ways of locating Joyce in the wider world of theory and ideas, and are useful springboards back into the works themselves ... reading adding another layer to our understanding of the man and the work.' The Irish Times
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