Development of the Ocular Lens

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September 2004



This 2004 book provides an authoritative treatment of the developmental biology of the ocular lens for graduate students and researchers.


Part I. Early Lens Development: 1. The lens: historical and comparative perspectives Michael L. Robinson and Frank J. Lovicu; 2. Lens induction and determination Marilyn Fisher and Robert M. Grainger; 3. Transcription factors in early lens development Guy Goudreau, Nicole Andrejewski and Peter Gruss; Part II. The Lens: 4. The structure of the vertebrate lens Jer R. Kuszak and M. Joseph Costello; 5. Lens crystallins Melinda K. Duncan, Ales Cvekl, Marc Kantorow and Joram Piatigorsky; 6. Lens cell membranes Joerg Kistler, Reiner Eckert and Paul Donaldson; 7. Lens cell cytoskeleton Roy Quinlan and Alan Prescott; Part III. Lens Development and Growth: 8. Lens cell proliferation: the cell cycle Anne E. Griep and Pumin Zhang; 9. Lens fiber differentiation Steven Bassnett and David Beebe; 10. Role of matrix and cell adhesion molecules in lens differentiation A. Sue Menko and Janice L. Walker; 11. Growth factors in lens development Richard A. Lang and John W. McAvoy; 12. Lens regeneration Katia Del Rio-Tsonis and Goro Eguchi.


"This volume is suitable and highly recommendable for all students and scientists in the eye field. the reference list is quite informative and I predict that this book will be a source of information for years to come." The Quarterly Review of Biology, Panagiotis A. Tsonis
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