Spectacles of Truth in Classical Greek Philosophy: Theoria in Its Cultural Context

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August 2004



This examines the invention of 'theoretical philosophy' in fourth-century Greece (BCE)


1. Theoria as a cultural practice; 2. Spectacles of truth: inventing philosophic theoria; 3. The fable of philosophy in Plato's Republic; 4. Theorizing the beautiful: from Plato to Philip of Opus; 5. 'Useless' knowledge: Aristotle's rethinking of theoria; Epilogue 'Broken knowledge'? theoria and wonder.


Andrea Wilson Nightingale is an Associate Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature at Stanford University. She is the author of Genres in Dialogue: Plato and the Construct of Philosophy (HB 052148264X; PB 0521 774330), and has written numerous essays on Greek philosophy and culture. She is a recent recipient of Guggenheim and ACLS Fellowships.


Review of the hardback: 'Nightingale ably demonstrates the importance of theoria at a crucial stage in Western philosophy whose influence is still felt today, and she includes an interesting coda on the implications of theoria for modern environmental philosophy. Nightingale handles often complex and subtle material with clarity and insight; the writing is at all times lucid, jargon-free and her general argument has much to recommend it.' Journal of Hellenic Studies
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