Hitler, the Allies, and the Jews

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Based on known and newly available information, this book explains when and why Hitler decided to destroy the Jews of Europe. It highlights the Allied refusal to deal with "the Jewish problem" in order to be able to fight Hitler, and the resulting dilemmas of international Jewish leadership. Aimed at readers interested in the politics of World War II, the Holocaust and its origins, and the role of Palestine in the subsequent rescue effort, this study contributes much to a continuing controversial debate.


Part I. The Making of the Multiple Trap:
1. The phases 1933-9: the initial and the double trap;
2. Western responses;
3. A flashback on the Palestine question;
4. 1939 till 'Barbarossa' - the foundation of the multiple trap;
5. The 'Final Solution' decision and its initial implementation;
6. The 'Final Solution' in some detail and more on its justification;
7. The Zionists' dilemmas;
8. Dimensions of Allied response to Hitler's 'Jewish Politics' and the deepening of the trap;
9. The war priorities of the Western Allies and rules of economic warfare related to the Holocaust 1941-4;
Part II. The Rescue Debate, the Macro Picture, and the Intelligence Services:
10. Missed opportunities;
11. The Intelligence Services and rescue options;
12. The Jewish 'Refugee Traffic': the road to Biltmore and its ramifications;
13. American wartime realities 1942-3;
14. Bermuda, Breckenridge Long, G-2, Taylor and Rayburn, and Palestine again;
15. Roosevelt, Stimson, and the Palestine question: British inputs;
16. Harold Glidden and/or British Intelligence views, Consul-General Pinkerton and Rabbi Nelson Glueck;
17. Various methods of rescue;
Part III. The Self-Defeating Mechanism of the Rescue Efforts:
18. Istanbul, Geneva and Jerusalem;
19. How the Holocaust in Slovakia was suspended: the 'Europa Plan';
20. The significance of the British Decrypts;
21. The 'Small Season': Begin's rebellion;
22. The origins of the Budapest 'Rescue Committee';
23. The WRB and the extension of the trap: the 'Dogwood' chain;
24. The double Hungarian debacle;
Part IV. The Brand-Grosz Missions within the Larger Picture of the War and their Ramifications:
25. The Zionist initiatives;
26. Rescue, allied intelligence and the SS;
27. Hungarian rescue deals in allied eyes;
28. How the missions were born;
29. The demise of a rescue mission;
30. Open and secret war schemes and realities;
31. The WRB's own reports: OWI's reservations;
Part V. The End of the Final Solution: Back to Hostage Taking Tactics:
32. The train;
33. The bombing controversy: Albert Speer and Solly Zuckerman;
34. The 'Great Season';
35. Becher, Mayer and the death marches;
36. The 'End' of the 'Final Solution' - Budapest; Epilogue: Self-traps: the OSS and Kasztner at Nuremberg: Malkiel Gruenwald as CID informant.


Dr Shlomo Aronson is Professor of Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has written and edited numerous books on the Holocaust and Middle Eastern politics including David Ben-Gurion, the Renaissance Leader and the Waning of an Age (1999) and New Records - New Perspectives (2002). Dr Aronson has also been the organizer of many conferences in the field including the International Conference on Intelligence and the Holocaust, held at the Graduate Center, City University of New York, in June 2003 and 'New Records - New Horizons', held in Israel universities in December 1998 pertaining to new records opened worldwide on WWII, the Holocaust and the birth of Israel.


'A real contribution to the field of Jewish, Nazi, and World War II studies.' Richard Breitman, American University 'Aronson's book is a major contribution to Holocaust historiography.' Henry Friedlander, Emeritus, Brooklyn College '... his passion never leads to bias; Aronson's book is a model of scholarly objectivity, supported by superb research. Hitler, the Allies, and the Jews is likely to become a standard work, to be consulted by anyone interested in Jewish and Allied reactions to the murder of the Jews in Europe.' Holocaust and Genocide Studies
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