Employment Policy and the Regulation of Part-Time Work in the European Union: A Comparative Analysis

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This book examines the influence of EC rules on European nations' policies towards part-time working.


List of figures and tables; Preface; List of abbreviations; Notes on contributors; Part I: 1. New discourses in labour law: part-time work and the paradigm of flexibility Silvana Sciarra; 2. The European employment strategy and the regulation of part-time work Diamond Ashiagbor; 3. The role of EU employment law and policy in the de-marginalisation of part-time work: a study in the interaction between EU regulation and member state regulation Paul Davies and Mark Freedland; Part II: 4. France: no longer an employment policy tool Sylvaine Laulom; 5. Germany: a bone of contention Maximilian Fuchs; 6. Italy: adaptable employment and private autonomy in the Italian part-time reform Antonio Lo Faro; 7. The Netherlands: from atypicality to typicality Jelle Visser, Ton Wilthagen, Ronald Beltzer and Esther Van Der Putte; 8. Spain: the difficulty of marrying flexibility with security Fernando Valdes Dal-Re; 9. Sweden: welfare or unfair? Ronnie Eklund; 10. The United Kingdom: how is EU governance transformative? Claire Kilpatrick and Mark Freedland.


Professore ordinario, Faculty of Law, University of Florence. Cassel Professor of Commercial Law, London School of Economics and Political Science. Professor of Employment Law, University of Oxford


Review of the hardback: 'This book is an excellent result of intensive and integrated work by a group of outstanding comparative labour lawyers ... The book is a rich and knowledgeable source for everyone interested in the regulation and policies of part-time work.' Industrial Law Journal Review of the hardback: '... readable book written by experts in the field of labor/employment law ... readers in a variety of disciplines who wish to understand how policies originate and are implemented within the framework of the EU will find the book enlightening.' H-Net
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