The Profit Impact of Marketing Strategy Project: Retrospect and Prospects

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The contribution of the PIMS project explored in the context of developments in business.


Foreword Paul Farris and Michael Moore; 1. The PIMS: project vision, achievements and scope of the data Paul Farris with John U. Farley; 2. Putting PIMS into perspective: enduring contributions to strategic questions George Day; 3. PIMS and COMPUSTAT data: different horses for the same courses? D. Eric Boyd, Paul Farris, and Lutz Hildebrandt; 4. Order of market entry: empirical results from the PIMS data and future research topics William Robinson and Mark Parry; 5. Marketing costs and prices David Reibstein, D. Eric Boyd, and Paul Farris; 6. Does innovativeness enhance new product success?: insights from a meta-analysis of the evidence David M. Szymanski, Michael Kroff, and Lisa C. Troy; 7. The model by Phillips, Chang, and Buzzell revisited: the effects of unobservable variables Lutz Hildebrandt and Dirk Temme; 8. Causation and components in market share-performance models: the role of identities Kusum Ailawadi and Paul Farris; 9. Cargo cult econometrics: specification testing in simultaneous equations marketing models Michael Moore, Ruskin Morgan, and Judith Roberts; 10. PIMS and the market share effect: biased evidence versus fuzzy evidence Marcus Christen and Hubert Gatignon; 11. PIMS in the new millennium: How PIMS might be different tomorrow Paul Farris and Michael Moore.


Paul Farris is the Landmark Communications Professor of Business at the University of Virginia's Darden Graduate School of Business Administration. Michael Moore is the Bank of America Research Professor at the Darden School of Business and Professor of Health Evaluation Sciences at the School of Medicine, University of Virginia. He is also a Managing Director at Huron Consulting Group, and National Practice Director of the Economic Litigation and Consulting practice.


"...a high-powered set of authors provide both important substantive lessons and implications for how to better address this critical topic." Professor Don Lehman, Columbia University and Tuck Graduate School of Business, Dartmouth; former Director of the Marketing Science Institute "...required reading for anyone planning to carry on deep investigations of marketing's impact on company sales and profits." Phillip Kotler, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University
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