Philosophical Chaucer: Love, Sex, and Agency in the Canterbury Tales

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Mark Miller's innovative study argues that Chaucer's Canterbury Tales represent an extended mediation on agency, autonomy and practical reason.


Acknowledgements; Introduction: Chaucer and the problem of normativity; 1. Naturalism and its discontents in the Miller's Tale; 2. Normative longing in the Knight's Tale; 3. Agency and dialectic in the Consolation of Philosophy; 4. Sadomasochism and utopia in the Roman de la Rose; 5. Suffering love in the Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale; 6. Love's promise: the Clerk's Tale and the scandal of the unconditional; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


Mark Miller is Associate Professor of English at the University of Chicago.


"...Philosophical Chaucer is a challenging and worthwhile book. Miller achieves a novel engagement with the philosophical content of Chaucer's later work, and he demonstrates the rich rewards of thinking through the 'moral seriousness' of that corpus anew." -Thomas Joseph O'Donnell, UCLA "Miller is well qualified to place into dialogue philosophical and theoretical approaches that usually remain sheltered from one another in current literary scholarship. On the one hand, he is well-informed about the best theoretically inflected medieval scholarship, especially queer theory and psychoanalysis; on the other hand, he is equally conversant with the work of contemporary analytical philosophers...It is Miller's refreshing engagement with usually hostile intellectual traditions and his lack of dogmatism that make his book so rewarding...The book is likely to exert a powerful influence on future work." R. James Goldstein, Auburn University, Southern Humanities Review
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