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April 2004



StarGuides Plus represents the most comprehensive and accurately validated collection of practical data on organizations involved in astronomy, related space sciences and other related fields. This invaluable reference source (and its companion volume, StarBriefs Plus) should be on the reference shelf of every library, organization or individual with any interest in these areas. The coverage includes relevant universities, scientific committees, institutions, associations, societies, agencies, companies, bibliographic services, data centers, museums, dealers, distributors, funding organizations, journals, manufacturers, meteorological services, national norms & standard institutes, parent associations & societies, publishers, software producers & distributors, and so on. Besides astronomy and associated space sciences, related fields such as aeronautics, aeronomy, astronautics, atmospheric sciences, chemistry, communications, computer sciences, data processing, education, electronics, engineering, energetics, environment, geodesy, geophysics, information handling, management, mathematics, meteorology, optics, physics, remote sensing, and so on, are also covered where appropriate. After some thirty years in continuous compilation, verification and updating, StarGuides Plus currently gathers together some 6,000 entries from 100 countries. The information is presented in a clear, uncluttered manner for direct and easy use.


From the reviews:
"StarGuides Plus is the latest edition of a long-running compendium of over 6000 ... . It includes societies, associations, amateur organizations, local planetariums and science clubs, university departments, and national and corporate groups. The directory information includes postal, e-mail, and Web site addresses ... . Entries are arranged alphabetically within countries ... . The information is also available online as ... . Summing Up: Recommended. Colleges and universities with graduate programs in astronomy." (B. E. Fleury, CHOICE, Vol. 42 (7), March, 2005)
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Untertitel: A World-Wide Directory of Organizations in Astronomy and Related Space Sciences. 2004. 2004. Bibliographie. Sprache: Englisch.
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