Chineseness Across Borders

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Transnational ethnic identity issues studied through an ethnography of Chinese American visits to Chinese villages organized under a program set up by the Chinese government.


Introduction: On boundary crossings; Identities fixed in place: Ancestral villages and Chinese/Chinese American roots; Welcome home!(?): Crafting a sense of place in the United States through the In Search of Roots Homeland Tour; Crafting Chinese American identities: Roots narratives in the context of US multiculturalism; The Feng Shui has taken a turn (feng shui lun liu zhuan): Changing views of the Guangdong Chinese toward Life Abroad Following the Open Policy; The descendants of the Dragon gather: The Youth Festival as encounter between Chinese and Chinese American other; Remaking places and renegotiating Chineseness


Andrea Louie is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Michigan State University.


"Andrea Louie's work heralds a new and important phase in the anthropology of transnationalism and globalization. She has produced a very convincing and elegantly nuanced ethnographic exploration of Chinese and Chinese American negotiations of 'Chineseness.'"--Martin F. Manalansan IV, author of "Global Divas: Filipino Gay Men in the Diaspora"
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Untertitel: Renegotiating Chinese Identities in China and the United States. 21 b&w photos, 1 map. Sprache: Englisch.
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