The Physics of Multiply and Highly Charged Ions: Volume 1: Sources, Applications and Fundamental Processes

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September 2003



It is arguable that most of chemistry and a large portion of atomic physics is concemed with the behaviour of the 92 naturally occurring elements in each of 3 charge states (+1, 0, -1); 276 distinct species. The world of multiply and highly charged ions provides a further 4186 species for us to study. Over 15 times as many! It is the nature of human beings to explore the unknown. This nature is par­ ticularly strong in physicists although this may not be readily apparent because theses explorations are undertaken in somewhat abstract 'spaces'. It is, then, no surprise that we have begun to explore the realm of multiply and highly charged ions. Over the past few decades, a consistent1y high quality body of work has emerged as the fruits of this exploration. This intemationally based subject, pursued in universities and research laboratories worldwide, has ex­ panded beyond its roots in atomic physics. We now see it embracing elements of surface science, nuclear physics and plasma physics as well as drawing on a wide range of technologies. This speciality offers new tests of some of our most fundamental ideas in physics and simultaneously new medical cures, new ways of fabricating electronic gadgets, a major hope for clean sustainable energy and explanations for astrophysical phenomena. It is both a deeply fundamental and a widely applicable area of investigation.


1 ECR Ion Sources.
2 Electron Beam Ion Traps and their use in the Study of Highly Charged Ions.
3 Collision Phenomena Involving Highly-Charged Ions in Astronomical Objects.
4 Highly Charged Ion Collision Processes in High Temperature Fusion Plasmas.
5 Radiobiological Effects of Highly Charged Ions.
6 Photoionization of atomic ions.
7 Recombination of Cooled Highly Charged Ions with Low-energy Electrons.
8 Dielectronic Recombination in External Electromagnetic Fields.
9 Electron Ion Scattering using an R-matrix Approach.
10 Electron Impact Ionisation of Hydrogen-like Ions.
11 Test of Strong-Field QED.
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