Turbulence, Waves and Instabilities in the Solar Plasma

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Dezember 2003



Significant advances have been made recently in both the theoretical understanding and observation of small-scale turbulence in different layers of the Sun, and in the instabilities that give rise to them. The general development of solar physics, however, has led to such a degree of specialization as to hinder interaction between workers in the field. This book therefore presents studies of different layers and regions of the Sun, but from the same aspect, concentrating on the study of small-scale motions. The main emphasis is on the common theoretical roots of these phenomena, but the book also contains an extensive treatment of the observational aspects.


List of Contributors.
* One: Instabilities and Motions in the Solar Interior and Tachocline. A dynamo in the radiative interior; H.C. Spruit. Turbulence and its sources below the convective zone; K. Petrovay. MHD simulations of small and large-scale dynamos; A. Brandenburg, et al.
* Two: Turbulence in the Convective Zone and Photosphere. Helioseismic observations of plasma motions in the solar convection zone; A. Kosovichev. Turbulent transport in rotating and magnetized fluids; L.L. Kitchatinov.
* Three: Parker Instability and Flux Tube Dynamics. Three-dimensional evolution of a magnetic flux tube emerging into the solar atmosphere; T. Magara. Photospheric magnetic field at small scales; O. Steiner.
* Four: Waves and Oscillations in the Solar Atmosphere. Waves in the chromosphere: observations; R.J. Rutten. Theory of MHD waves in the solar corona; B. Roberts, V.M. Nakariakov. Prominence oscillations: theory; J.L. Ballester. Review of coronal oscillations an observer's view; M.J. Aschwanden. Nonlinear waves in the magnetically structured solar atmosphere; M.S. Ruderman.
* Five: Turbulence and Reconnection in the Solar Corona. TRACE and ground-based observations of small-scale dynamics in active regions; B. De Pontieu; Observational signatures of magnetic reconnection; L. van Driel-Gesztelyi. Self-organized structures in the solar atmosphere: theory and observations; M. Ryutova, R. Shine.
* Six: Solar Wind. Wave heating and acceleration of the fast solar wind; L. Ofman. Waves and turbulence in the solar wind; G. Erdös.


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