Broadband Satellite Communications for Internet Access

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November 2003



Broadband Satellite Communications for Internet Access is a systems engineering methodology for satellite communication networks. It discusses the implementation of Internet applications that involve network design issues usually addressed in standard organizations. Various protocols for IP- and ATM-based networks are examined and a comparative performance evaluation of different alternatives is described. This methodology can be applied to similar evaluations over any other transport medium.


List of Figures. List of Tables. Foreword. Preface. 1. Overview of Broadband Satellite Networks. Part I: Principles of Satellite Networks. 2. Basics of Networks. 3. Satellite Systems Engineering Methodology. 4. Network Systems and Examples. 5. Quality of Service in Layered Architecture. Part II: Satellite Network Technical Challenges. 6. Physical and Link Layers. 7. Satellite TCP/IP: Technical Challenges. 8. Satellite ATM: Technical Challenges. 9. Standards and Regulations. Part III: Satellite IP Networks Performance. 10. Quality of Service in IP Networks. 11. Performance of DiffServ Based Satellite IP. 12. Performance of MPLS. 13. Interactive Multimedia over Satellite. Part IV: Satellite ATM Networks Performance. 14. Quality of Service in ATM Networks. 15. Performance Analysis of TCP over Satellite ATM. 16. Bandwidth Allocation - An Example. References. Acronyms. Index. About the Authors.
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