Mathematical Reliability: An Expository Perspective

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In this volume consideration was given to more advanced theoretical approaches and novel applications of reliability to ensure that topics having a futuristic impact were specifically included. Topics like finance, forensics, information, and orthopedics, as well as the more traditional reliability topics were purposefully undertaken to make this collection different from the existing books in reliability. The entries have been categorized into seven parts, each emphasizing a theme that seems poised for the future development of reliability as an academic discipline with relevance. The seven parts are networks and systems; recurrent events; information and design; failure rate function and burn-in; software reliability and random environments; reliability in composites and orthopedics, and reliability in finance and forensics. Embedded within the above are some of the other currently active topics such as causality, cascading, exchangeability, expert testimony, hierarchical modeling, optimization and survival analysis. These topics, when linked with utility theory, constitute the science base of risk analysis.


1 The Signature of a Coherent System.- 2 System Reliability Optimization: An Overview.- 3 Methods for Assessing Network Reliability.- 4 Modelling Heterogeneity: Hierarchical Bayesian Approach.- 5 Spatial Neutral to the Right Processes.- 6 Models for Recurrent Events in Reliability and Survival Analysis.- 7 Information Functions for Reliability.- 8 Experiments for Reliability Assessment and Improvement.- 9 Analysis of Computer and Physical Experimental Life Time Data.- 10 The Shape of Failure Rate Mixtures.- 11 Burn-in - Sequential Stop and Go Strategies.- 12 Managing Software Development Process.- 13 Reliability Modeling and Analysis in Random Environments.- 14 Failure of Brittle Fibers and Composites.- 15 Modeling the Reliability of Hip Replacements.- 16 The Price of Failure.- 17 Warranty: A Surrogate of Reliability.
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